When purchasing a hot tub, various factors will likely come into play
before deciding on the right one. Determining what type of hot tub would
best suite your home is a pretty big decision, after all. Another factor to
consider is whether you should purchase a used or new hot tub. In this
article, we’re going to take a closer look at the benefits of both and
provide you with some tips if you decide to purchase used. At the end of
the day, it all depends on the solution that will suit your lifestyle best!

Sometimes purchasing a second-hand item may be detrimental to the
quality of the product. Purchasing a used item, at a low rate, may
provide the same benefits as a high cost new item, but this isn’t always
the case. The dangers of purchasing second hand is that a second-hand
spa is normally sold “as is”, which means you have no guarantee or after
sales service, once the purchase has been concluded. Damaged or
worn out parts may not be visible when you’re making your purchase,
which could lead to a nasty surprise a few months down the line.
None the less, purchasing your hot tub second hand is definitely a great
way to save money, especially when you’re on a tight budget! Before
paying for your second-hand hot tub, be sure to perform a very close
inspection, to identify any potential problem areas. If you are purchasing
it online, request pictures, and be sure to vet the seller – their reputation
will tell a lot about their integrity!

If you plan to purchase a used hot tub, we highly recommend purchasing
from a hot tub dealership. The experts at a certified dealership know
these systems inside and out, making it much easier for them to assess
the system, ensure that it is adequate for sale and verify that it’s truly is
worth the selling price.
Purchasing a new hot tub may be a bit more expensive, but with the
various financing options available, payment can be split across a few
months. There are other perks, such as warranty, delivery and
installation. The installation can be quite a job and a verified dealer can
definitely assist with that. Not to mention that with top-quality brands like
Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs, when you opt for a smaller two-person hot tub
model, such as the J-315™ or the J-215™, you will often save costs on
the overall purchase and long-term maintenance costs, while still
enjoying the same wonderful quality that the brand is known for.

If you decide to purchase a used spa, either from a hot tub dealership or
private hot tub seller, there are a few things that you should take note of,
ask about or inspect yourself.

Check the shell of the hot tub, for cracks, leaks, scratches, and warping.
Imperfections – even the small ones – can worsen over time.

Check the cabinet of the tub, since most of the spa’s sensitive interior
components are protected by this important part. Things like cracks,
leaks and even discoloration are tell-tale signs of water damage. A
wooden cabinet should not be warped or have broken slats.

Control Panel
When checking the control panel, make sure that the thermostat, lights,
jets, and other entertainment features respond correctly. Any type of
fast-paced clicking, chattering sounds, or other behaviour that seems
unusual, should be taken seriously, since this can indicate that there has
been some damage.

Access Panel
Check the access panel for evidence of leakage or dampness. Both of
these suggest that an expensive repair will likely be due soon. Other
issues such as pests, damage to connections and corrosion should also
be viewed seriously.

The interior framework of the spa must be carefully observed for things
such as dents, cracks, folds, and any other deformation.

Turn on the jet pressure and circulation pumps to make sure that it
forces water movement. The jet pumps should produce a steady,
low-pitched hum. Any other sound – such as grinding, stuttering or
belching – would indicate a serious repair issue that is needed.


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